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Katz-i came to life with a compelling promotion and offered web site design, graphic and print design before closing doors.


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Contact Katz-i for information about Creative Latitude, Business of Design online or the NO!SPEC Campaign.

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... when we were doing web site design, or graphic and print design.

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Just how we did what we did when we did do web site design and or graphic and print design.


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Our portfolio of what we did, when we did do it.

Golden Jubilee Ball

A Ball in honour of Her Majesty the Queen’s Golden Jubilee

Ali By Nightfall

Ali is the first Australian Pianist to make a debut at Carnegie Hall

Brunei Shipwreck competition

A local art competition was created to fuel the imagination of children

Brunei Music Society

Attracts accomplished artists from around the world to perform. Katz-i International Web & Graphic Design sponsored their web site design in 2004

Ahn Sohyun








Medieval Charity Ball

Held at the Residence of the British High Commissioner in Brunei

Hari Raya cards

Hari raya card design

European Union Film Festival

Launched at the Sheraton Utama by HRH Prince Qawi

The British Council Annual Report

Twelve pages, matt lamination, purple hot stamping and embossing

Heart Zones UK

Promotional materials for HZ including web site design

Dinner Concert

Unusual poster design for the Brunei Music Society dinner concert

College English

Educational software design on the web

Cat-ing around

14,000 parachuting kittys with pixel manipulation

Creative Postcard Club Designs

Calendar and Music CD Cover on the web

Creative Latitude logo

Creative Latitude logo submission for the CL web site


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