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The Creative Postcard Club, founded by Travis Tom in September 2000, was mentioned in HOW Magazine's 2001 Creative Issue as well as having a feature page in HOW Magazine's 2001 Self-Promotion Issue.

The club is composed of a wide range of creatives from around the world who design and correspond through postcard creations.

R15 - A Music CD Cover assignment

A Music CD cover with you as the star. The album must have your portrait on it somewhere as an illustration, abstract collage or photograph. The design should relate to the type of music genre you are in for instance: blues, pop, hip hop, jazz, country, alternative, rock, big band and so on.

Design solution

This designer cheated a bit with the photo, using one manipulated for Halloween of the same year. But had fun playing around with the theme as the tango goes with 'cat-ing around' beautifully - all that dramatic posing and the flashing of the eyes between dancers.

R14 - A Calendar Assignment

Design a calendar relating to your assigned month of the year. The theme will be open as a free-choice maybe showcasing your design style in a brochure spread, logos, web site design, illustrations and etc. Or you can interpret your month of the season with illustration, collage, mixed media and typography.

Design solution

The original idea for September was an 'autumn of our lives' theme created by scanning in hands (digital camera is on loan) and running days along extended fingers. Now, as I'm not in the autumn of my life, I'd hint at age by scanning in our 2 year old house baby's hands to make the idea plausible.

After working on the design for 4+ hours to get it just so, I then went to scan in the one piece left, little Arlet Joys chubby digits.

Ever try to get a 2 year old to stick their hands in a scanner? After repeated attempts scattered over two days, (one ending in tears as she had grown to love the new game of a scanner lid going up and down with it's blinking lights, but I had work to do) her mother and I gave up.

So, what you are seeing is from my rough sketches, with adjustments and embellishments. Green because that's the colour September is out here - the luscious green of freshly harvested apples.

And if you listen real close, you can just hear sweet Arlet chuckle with glee . . .

CD cover Postcard