Rudolf Portillo Photography

'Award winning photographer'


Pro-bono project.


Rudolf Portillo Photography provides captivating images for a variety of SE Asian and international publications, including the Borneo Bulletin and the Associated Press. Rudolf has also worked with Katz-i International Web & Graphic Design for several years by adding his photographic expertise to many projects.

Design Brief

The site was to be straightforward, featuring an online portfolio, along with background and contact information.

Since an image-laden sites can taxing on low-bandwidth connections and slower computers, Katz would need to carefully optimise each image for the web, reduce the amount of page code and create a simple, elegant design that bring Rudolf's images to the foreground.

Design Solution

The solution came in the form of a site based on Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). Working with CSS would greatly reduce the amount of code and produce smaller page file sizes which load faster.

The design takes a back seat to the photography, creating a muted backdrop that dramatically displays the images. Colours were chosen to augment and enhance, yet not overwhelm, the photography. The navigation was developed to be clear and intuitive. The navigation arrows' purpose are twofold. First, they indicate a link. Second, they draw the visitor's eye into the image to the right of the navigation. The scrolling thumbnail images in the portfolio section easily allows visitors choose images.

The colour palette was developed to accent the photographs, many of which feature the festive and tropical colours of Rudolf's SE Asian location.

Colour swatch

Rudolf Photography has since moved over to a blog, so the mockup of the original site design is hosted on Katz-i.

Client's comments: When I finally decided to present my work to an international audience, I realized having a website is the best way to go about it. I had no idea on how my site should look and Katz-i International Web & Graphic Design did a fantastic job of showing precisely the impact of my images. Katz-i designed to reveal the power of the photograph, that it does indeed speak a thousand words.

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Client: Rudolf Portillo Photography

Publicity: Web site, business cards.

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