PMB English CD rom

"The smart way to prepare'


PMB English is a program developed by the Council for British Teachers (CfBT) to prepare Bruneian students for the PMB English examination. In addition, the educational aid was the first CD-ROM produced entirely in Brunei Darussalam.

Design Brief

Our target audience were Bruneian teenage students. It was important to balance upbeat, youthful elements to attract the students, while maintaining the more conservative British essence of CfBT. In addition, the design required a sensitivity to the Bruneian culture.

Design Solution

To immediately connect with the students, it was decided a portrait of a local female of student age be used to anchor the design. Selective tinting was applied to the models face to further the captivation of the photography. The eye-contact created by the finished imagery instantly engages the viewer. A funky, upbeat typestyle was selected to add some youthful panache. To add a touch of the conservative, blues were used to create a corporate, albeit softened, foundation.

colour swatch

Client's comments: I first became acquainted with Katz-i International Web & Graphic Design when CfBT was looking for designers to work on various projects associated with the State Visit of Queen Elizabeth II to Brunei Darussalam. They came by personal recommendation from the Director of British Council in Brunei, for whom Katz-i had carried out several design projects. Katz-i's first job for us was a huge colourful poster showcasing CfBT's activities in Brunei in the field of Education. The poster is really striking and is displayed permanently at a branch of the Brunei Museum as well as in CfBT's offices around the globe. Since then, Katz-i has designed several newspaper advertisements, posters and leaflets for CfBT. These include the cover design for an educational CD-ROM plus accompanying promotional materials. Katz-i is a pleasure to work with and charming and flexible, as well as being highly creative.

Michael Gibbs, ELT Project Manager, CfBT

Clients: CfBT (Centre for British Teachers)

Publicity: Posters, poster, CD and CD cover, CD insert and brochure

PMB English poster by Katz-i International Web & Graphic Design PMB CD cover by Katz-i International Web & Graphic Design