Heart Zones

'with Sally Edwards'


Working with Heart Zones UK - a fitness training company - was truly a global endevour. The project pulled together a client in the U.S., a design team in Scotland, a project manager in Germany and a printer in England.

Using health, fitness and educational applications, based on Heart Rate Monitor technology, the company is committed to creating high-performance people. At the vanguard of all this high-performance is Sally Edwards, the seminar presenter. Sally is an exercise physiologist, author of 15 books, educator, entrepreneur, professional triathlete and elite adventurer.

Among Sally Edward's books are 'Heart Zone Training' and the 'Heart Rate Monitor Guidebook'.

Design Brief

Given Sally's notoriety, images of her would be a core branding element. The target audience was young upper-income men and women. To create an association, images of active people in their 20s were gathered to illustrate the series of promotional materials. A photo collage was created for use on a web site, flyers, newspaper ads and posters.

Heart Zones original artwork

Design Solution

Katz-i utilized the logo colours, with sparse touches of red, as the core palette for all materials. The promotional programme's layouts uses consistent colour and typography which was enhanced with ghosted text and images. Overall the finished materials are upscale, youthful and energetic. The perfect reflection of Heart Zone UK's mission.


Client's comments: Katz-i International Web & Graphic Design produced the best collateral material our company has ever had for our Spring series of Heart Zone Training Seminars in the UK. They used their talent and experience to produce something that conveyed the right image, the right amount of information, and was eyecatching and interesting. Thoughtout the design process they were artful in understanding and translating the needs of our company into the piece, all the while being professional and a joy to work with. When you see the finished product you are stunned by the combined artistic ability, design awareness and technical capability of this talented design team - we have no doubts about recommending that you work with Katz-i for your company image and graphic design requirements.

Lorraine Brown, Operations Manager, Heart Zones UK

Client: Heart Zones UK

Publicity: Poster, flyers, web site design and newspaper ad

Heart Zones Poster by Katz-i International Web & Graphic Design Heart Zones flyers by Katz-i International Web & Graphic Design