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The British Council's promotional materials

'Studying in Britian'


The British Council connects people with learning opportunities, as well as creative ideas from the UK. Over the years the Council's visual image in Brunei had become watered down and inconsistent. When Mr. Tom Walsh took over as Director, one of his top priorities was to upgrade the Council's branding and overall corporate image in Brunei.

The flyers below had been utilized by the Council for several years. During our initial meeting, it was apparent that anything would be an improvement. The Katz-i International Web & Graphic Design team wanted to go a few steps further to create an alluring brand image for the Bruneian arm of the Council.

British Council's presentation materials

Design Brief

Little, if anything, could be salvaged from existing materials. It was decided to wipe the slate clean and start fresh. Our audience was teenage Asians and their parents. Our objective was to communicate the Council's mission in Brunei. The balancing act was to maintain a British flair, while attracting teens and being sensitive to the country's culture.

Began with a flyer, Katz-i built an assortment of branding elements that would easily reproduce across a variety of media. These included education exhibitions, magazine ads, bags, posters, newspaper ads, notepads, etc.

Design Solution

Bruneians have a love affair with colour. It's a large part of the fabric of the local culture. It's said Bruneian women appear as butterflies in flight. Taking this into account, the core design utilized neon colours, popping out against a rich black background. The electricity created by the colour, along with an informal grid, set the stage for the piece to rise about a sea of visual clutter.

British Council swatch

Beyond this, as shown at the right, the elements from the flyer were easily adapted to other materials. This strong sense of consistency, across a variety of media, results in solid visual branding for the British Council in Brunei.

Client: The British Council

Sponsor: HSBC

Publicity: Posters, flyers, programmes, newspaper ads, magizine ads.

British Council poster British Council bags British Council memo pads