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Pro-bono project.


After working on several projects with Katz-i International Web & Graphic Design, Stuart Laing, British High Commissioner, approached Katz-i to sponsor a charity close to his heart - music.

Since that time, Katz-i has designed the BMS logo, near on 40 posters (one of which has been reproduced in Jeff Fisher's book 'Savvy Designers Guide To Success'), as well as put together this site for the BMS.

You can see the Katz-i site design for the BMS here.

A site design for the BMS (created by another company) is here.

Design Brief

Katz-i interviewed the client using the detailed website questionnair (feel free to use and tweak). The questionnaire helped to focus the scope, goals and details of the project, as well as define the marketing environment and audience.

The BMS audience is conservative, with an age range of 35 - 60, and depending on the concert, a number of student-age attendees.

The site would require information about current and past concerts as well as information for members and performers, a feature page spotlighting BMS sponsors, and a page about Brunei.

One key requirement was the ability for the site to be easily updated by BMS staff and/or volunteer members.

Design Solution

The preliminary design was developed in neutral greys to gauge balance, weight and eye flow. It's our belief that if a design doesn't work in black and white, odds are, colour won't help it.

The final three column layout is clean and elegant, setting the stage to show off past concert posters, future events and easily read information.

A rotating banner was created at the top of each page that changes each time a page is loaded. This enables the site to maintain a fresh appearance with no additional work by the BMS.

To maintain a sense of the conservative nature of the audience, the colour scheme is based in tranquil blues with just a hint of orange for the rollover navigation. This colour scheme provides a background that brings the posters and banner art to the foreground.

Macromedia's Contribute provided the solution for ease-in-updating by the BMS. Contribute features a familiar interface for Windows users, something like a cross between Microsoft's Internet Explorer and Word. Simple highlighting, cutting and pasting makes fast work in updating with a minimal need for training.

Client's comments: ... The public profile of the BMS and its activities has been much enhanced by Katz-i International Web & Graphic Design's work and this has been reflected in larger concert audiences and a general acknowledgement that the society is able to offer quality musical events ...

Gene Chrisite, Chairman of the Brunei Music Society, and Ambassador of the United States of America

Client: The Brunei Music Society

Publicity: Marketing materials, posters, etc.

For Music Society concerts, visit the Brunei Music Society Website.

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