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Pro-bono project.


After working on several projects with Katz-i International Web & Graphic Design, Stuart Laing, British High Commissioner, approached Katz-i to sponsor a charity close to his heart - music. Since that time, Katz-i has designed near on 40 posters (one of which has been reproduced in Jeff Fisher's book 'Savvy Designers Guide To Success'), as well as put together a site for the BMS, which can be found at

Design Brief

Starting out with the Brunei Music Sociey was a clean slate as they were sans identity, marketing materials, etc. What we knew was that their members were falling and their concerts flagging. The game plan was to fix this by creating eyecatching materials suited to their audience which was basically consertive with a standard age range 35 - 60, and depending on the concert, a number of school agers.

Design Solution

Several logos were designed using a musical theme, and presented to the committee.

For the poster design, the agreement between the Society and Katz-i International Web & Graphic Design was for quick and clean layout to keep the donated time to a minimum. The designs were streamlined for speed and efficiency, as shown to the bottom right of this page. The posters were laid out with title across the top, theme directly underneath, next came the venue, then the sponsors were tucked next to the logo on the bottom left. Unless there was more time available (left up to the discretion of the designer), a photo of the performers was to be enlarged to fit the poster size. This layout of course could be adjusted to fit the materials at hand.

Client's comments: ... highly impressed by their design capabilities, by their helpful and positive attitude to their work, and by the efficiency they have displayed in arranging to have the final product delivered up to standard and within required deadlines ...

Stuart Laing, British High Commisioner

... Stylish, classy and always appropriate to the concert we are planning, The Katz-i International Web & Graphic Design's creations for the Music Society over recent years have impressed us with their flair and understanding of what will appeal to and attract our audiences ...

Allaster Cox, Chairman of the Brunei Music Society, and the Australian High Commissioner

... The public profile of the BMS and its activities has been much enhanced by Katz-i's work and this has been reflected in larger concert audiences and a general acknowledgement that the society is able to offer quality musical events ...

Gene Chrisite, Chairman of the Brunei Music Society, and Ambassador of the United States of America

Client: The Brunei Music Society

Publicity: Marketing materials, posters, etc.

For Music Society concerts, visit the Brunei Music Society Website.

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