Brunei Shipwreck
Art Competition

'Bringing the Brunei Shipwreck to Life'


While exploring for oil in the waters of the South China Sea off the coast of Borneo, TotalFinaElf discovered a 15th century shipwreck. The Brunei Shipwreck Project, sponsored totally by Elf (TOTAL) and organized by CfBT, was a result of this extraordinary find.

A local art competition was created to fuel the imagination of children. The Katz-i International Web & Graphic Design company was delighted to accept an invitation to be one of three judges for the competition.

Design Brief

The client requested the Katz-i team take a different design direction for the art competition. Given the selective audience for the competition, we believed this to be an appropriate request. Beyond this broad request, the client allowed Katz-i creative freedom. The brief became simply, "We trust you. Surprise us."

Design Solution

We opted for an old-world theme, keying in on two clay elephants recovered from the wreck. The subtly glowing frames in the background symbolize the world of art. A 17th Century etching of Brunei Bay anchored the bottom of the digital collage. Finally, the Asian woman's headdress provided just the right historical flavour.

A rich, natural Earth tone colour palette was developed. Tobacco gold, sea blue and hints of green compliment the imagery creating an essence of an era lost to time.

shipwreck swatch

In addition, the headline typeface was manually modified to create a unique typographic treatment and aid with cultural appeal.

Client's comments: As part of the team working on the “The Brunei Shipwreck” Project, Katz-i International Web & Graphic Design was responsible for the design work on the Pack itself, promotional posters and in particular a specially created book for schools including text, photographs and other artwork. Throughout its involvement with the project, Elf Petroleum Asia has insisted on work of the highest quality. Katz-i ’s work on the Education Pack delighted us and exceeded our expectations. We are pleased to commend them for this work and for their helpful and innovative approach.

John Perry, Managing Director, ELF Petroleum, Asia BV, Brunei Branch

Client: ELF Petroleum, Asia BV

Sponsors: CfBT, Ministry of Education, Brunei Musium

Publicity: Poster and newspaper ad

Shipwreck art competition poster