Ali by Nightfall

'Solo piano concert'


Pro-bono project.


Ali Wood is something of a phenomenon. She is the first Australian pianist to make a debut at Carnegie Hall, New York. The year was 1998 and Ali was a mere 17 years of age. The last Australian to perform at Carnegie Hall was one hundred years ago. Her reviews are extraordinary:

"A giant among pianists . . powerful and energetic . . . she is destined for greatness" GUSTAW SZELSKI - CLC REVIEW

"Absolutely fearless . . . she has that certain magic that she holds the attention of the audience" ALBERT KAY - CONCERT ARTISTS MANAGEMENT NEW YORK

Design Brief

In the background, the Brunei Music Society was eager to attract new members. It was suggested they gain publicity by upgrading their outdated promotional material. Stuart Laing approached Katz-i International Web & Graphic Design with the idea of revamping the existing visual brand identity, starting with the lack of a logo.

Along with the logo, the goal of this project was to catch the eye of the public and create a memorable, emotional connection with the audience. Two high resolution photos were supplied (you can see them on the Ali Wood web site), along with text and slim instructions to design a poster, flyer, tickets and programme.

Design Solution

The two images were combined to create a visual timeline of a talented, albeit young, girl blossoming into a brilliantly gifted woman. To reinforce the strength of her talent to those who hadn't heard her play, Ali's reviews and repertoire were layered over the core image collage. Beyond this, a soft, natural palette was used to enhance the ambiance of the imagery.


The success of this and following promotions resulted in attendance at Brunei Music Society concerts growing to such an extent that they were forced to find larger premises than were available at the host facility, the Sheraton in downtown Bandar.

Client's comments: I have known Katz-i International Web & Graphic Design since shortly after my arrival in Brunei. During that time I have seen a number of examples of their work, and have been highly impressed by their design capabilities, the helpful and positive attitude to their work, and by the efficiency displayed in arranging to have the final product delivered up to standard and within required deadlines. Katz-i has undertaken commissions both for the High Commission and for other organisations with which I have been associated, and they have never failed to produce work attractive to the eye and appropriate to the requirements.

Stuart Laing, British High Commissioner and Chairman of the Brunei Music Society

Client: The Brunei Music Society

Sponsors: PDS, Processta Printing & Trading, and Katz-i International Web & Graphic Design

Publicity: Poster, flyer, tickets and programme

For other Music Society concerts, visit the Brunei Music Society Website.

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