Ahn Sohyun



Pro-bono project.


Katz-i International Web & Graphic Design sponsored the designs for the Brunei Music Society from early 2000 to 2006 (website support continues to this day). Each project had its challenges, whether it be a tight schedule, poor quality images, budget constraints or a combination of difficulties to overcome. For a broad-based solution, Katz-i created a template to reduce design time and keep costs under control. The majority of the posters were printed as duotones, using two inks.

Design Brief

On the bright side, the BMS gave Katz-i International Web & Graphic Design a great deal of creative freedom in designing the posters. In the case of Ahn Sohyun, we were supplied with the sponsor logo and a wee tiny jpeg image of the performer. Shown below the finished poster layout is the original photo - a 72 dpi image, roughly 4" x 4.75."

Having developed an intuitive working relationship with the BMS over the years, the design brief consisted simply of "Do your thing." And so we did.

Design Solution

While reviewing the materials, the poster literally designed itself in about 20 minutes. Jade green was a natural to reflect the performers' personality and culture. From that point it was a matter of how to best deal with the low quality image. A bit of "sweat of the brow" pixel editing resulted in a print quality 300 dpi finished image that would work on the 20.5 cm x 34.5 cm poster landscape. Next was finding something for Ahn to lean on. A simple swop of the piano for a green horizontal bar did the trick, along with ghosted piano keys in the background.

Client's comments: ... the quality of their work is consistently of the very highest standard displaying their considerable technical skills in the field of computer graphic design. Their work shows both artistic and imaginative aptitude which has been highly appreciated by both the BMS and public alike.

The public profile of the BMS and its activities has been much enhanced by Katz-i's work and this has been reflected in larger concert audiences and a general acknowledgement that the society is able to offer quality musical events.

Gene Christy, Chairman, Brunei Music Society and Ambassador of the United States of America in Brunei Darussalam

Client: The Brunei Music Society

Sponsors: Royal Brunei Airlines, HSBC, NBT (BRUNEI) SDN BHD, CfBT, Jati Transport,Teck Guan Group, Standard Chartered Bank, and Ernst & Young, Processta Printing & Trading and Katz-i.

Publicity: Poster and flyer

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Ahn Ahn