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Parachuting kittys

Katz-i Design International


14,000 parachuting kittys, the Black Irish, the Spanish Amanda, or the Royal Cats of Siam?

Shortly after arriving in Brunei (around '94) I coudn't help notice the strangely formed local cats with tails either bent, twisted, short, or no tails at all.

Forget about your average soft and fluffy over-fed British moggie, these cats are scrawny and critter ridden, with more than a touch of the mange.

In the attempt to find the source of this genetic mutation (and seeing how I had a couple of hours to kill), I whipped out my handy dandy google and dove in.

One bit of information I came across is that the malformation could possibly have come from the spraying of DDT which (to cut a long story short) resulted in 14,000 cats being parachuted into Borneo after WW II to replace the cats who could no longer eat the rats who could no longer . . .

Another is a very weak connection hinting at the Black Irish (supposed Afghan descendants of the biblical Joseph), the wrecking of the Spanish Amanda on the Island of Man and it's tailless cats who somehow swam to SE Asia. And if you know your geography, that's no mean trick.

Still too weak? Ok . . . so how about . . ."The original Bobtailed cats were imported into Japan from south-east Asia (some say China, some say the Royal Cats of Siam) over 1,000 years ago".

So, there we have it, a mystery still unsolved after a mere couple of hours faffing around on the internet instead of worrying about search engine ranking for the Katz Group. I managed to fill this long box, and if you made it this far, perhaps you were entertained for a brief moment.

Cat's kitty Cat's cat