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Developreneurs - Increase leads and website presence. Gain access to customers and online businesses.

Dirix Marketing Superstore – The Future of E-commerce online community.

Ecademy - business network

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Idea Cafe - Business owners info

Idea Marketers - is a treasure trove of information for the home business entrepreneur.

Work At Home Tools and Opportunities. Vital Resources For Your Home Based Business.

Marketing Tool - online directory.

Online Business Tutor - Grow your small business online with the Online Business Tutor.


Popular Calendars - A consumer's guide to calendars, software, art, posters, books and more products essential to our daily lives.

Postcard Campaigns - Fastest, easiest, most reliable way to get the job done.

Posters of the American West - past and present. Plus, Books, Magazines and Movies.

Profits Guru - your partner in business. Visit, for no nonsense business building hints, tips and inspirational articles.

Review booth - Web Site Marketing Reviews for Webmasters. -

Sisters Simpatico - A small but unique collection of paintings, sculptures, poetry, painted furniture, original artwork, herbal products, gifts, pottery, ceramics, works by Bev Hattaway, works by Theresa Hochhalter.

The Study of Design -

TR Designet - A business-to-business gateway aimed at the international user. It provides access to information and services for the design sector.

Video Success Secrets - books, tapes, free helpful articles for the video hobbyist, professional video production company and independent videographer.

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Color on the Web - Critique of the Katz site - "Triadic color schemes can create balanced yet colorful designs."

Ali Wood

Immigration requirements.

ADA winners page. offsite

How forum offsite

P2P forum

Katz guestlog

Internet supervision

Amazing Web site designs


Troy's design assignment

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Creative Pro

Business Ball

Adholes - advertizing blog

CSS web design forum

Cashflow seller

Ecademy - A womens place

Ecademy - A womens place HP

Ecademy - Resources

Ecademy - Working relationships

Ecademy - Strategy

Ecademy - It's all in the details

Ecademy - Preliminary Design

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Reciprocal Design Links

Design sites linking to Katz-i International

1 Design Source - Provides graphic design, illustration and web design to companies who want to show their personality and sell their products or services.

Alina Design - Web and graphic design company

ClearBox - Full service creative studio - Specializing in letterheads, briefpapier, flyers, posters, business cards and more.

Dougs Imagination - a professional illustration and design studio

Elsie Gravel - Illustrator

Evolve Media - Press release

Holli Conger - Illustrator

Jeff Fisher Logomotives

John Davids Blog

Majorscale Productions, LLC - provides a variety of productions services throughout the mountain west. - Design, marketing, and programming services by Media Titan will make your company stand out from the crowd. We create clear and professional designs that grab attention and are easy to understand.

Nigel - Common sense design

Rainbow Orange - Rainboworange is a web design company located in Chicago, IL with branch offices in France and Serbia

Smiley Cat - Specializes in creative, professional web site design at affordable prices.

The Visible Mind - online portfolio and résumés of the brothers, Wayne & Michael Paterson.

Tortorella Design - Partner

Holli Conger - Illustrations

Rainbow Orange - web design

Mayhem Studios - web design

Creative Latitude gang on Tortorella Design

Design Links on Jeff Fisher Logomotives

Elsie Gravel - illustrator

Alina Design - designer

Beussary - designer

ClearBox - designer

Rudolf Portillo - photographer

Rudolf Portillo - Royal Wedding

Other links

BMSpresents - Brunei Music Society - So you want to be a Graphic Designer?

Catherine Morley's Listamania

FastCoconut profile

CL Gear Mug

Creative Postcard Club

HOWforum Certification, TestPartners,

Press Release at Arrivenet


Press Release AAA


BMSpresents Contact

BMSpresents Sponsors

Rudolf-Portillo Photography About

Immigration Requirements

Clickmass - Web Site Traffic Resources

Sisters Simpatico - artists

Katz-i and the Ali Wood concert

Katz-i International is a member of:

American Design awards - A.D.A. holds an on-going Monthly Design Contest, as well as an Annual Design Contest in August of every year, open to graphic and web designers throughout the world.

Katz-i winning first prize for the 2005 Poster section at the American Design Awards.

Katz-i website design placing at the American Design Awards 2003.

Press release on Creative Latitude for placing in the 2005 website competition at ADA.

Katz-i on Bru Direct

CfBT Newsletter online

Press Release on PRweb for ADA award

Thailand PRweb press release

Press Release on Emedia wire

The Firm list - Global Guide to Web Firms

The Local Web - Directory of Business websites in the UK

Creative Postcard Club

Creative Latitude a worldwide community that unites various creative disciplines for collective promotion, education and ethical business practice.

Creative Latitude contact page

What's New at Creative Latitude

Creative Pro site review of Katz

Creative Latitude

Katz-i on CL

C Morley's profile at Creative Latitude

Contact for Creative Latitude

Project Manager of Creative Latitude

Articles list - Quick list of Cat's articles on Creative Latitude

Article: In their own words, why these designers are against Speculative Design Competitions

Article: From the bloomin' desk of This & That by thecat@

GRAPHIC make-over IDP Education Exhibition before

GRAPHIC make-over IDP Education Exhibition after

GRAPHIC make-over BC before

GRAPHIC make-over BC after

Cat's Fancy - Cat's fancy is a section devoted entirely to interesting sites and bites found around the world, not just the worldwideweb. All will be directly related to design, whether it be the business of design, bad design, or design itself. Anything goes! Cat's Fancy May.

Designing woman, C Morley honored by DTG

Creative Networking

Gallery on DTG

PostCard Club - Creative Latitude press release

Designing Women at