How we did it

Katz-i International Web & Graphic Design

The Process

Katz-i developed each project using a proven three phase process - Discover, Design, Deploy. We strived for clarity in our understanding of your project's scope, goals, budget and schedule.

Phase One - Discover

This initial phase lays the groundwork for the project. We begin with a detailed interview that helps us learn about your company, its history, products/services, communication goals and business environment. Communication can be handled by a personal interview, telephone, email or a combination of methods.

Next, we research the competition. This includes reviewing web sites, brochures, annual reports and other literature. Our focus is to learn as much as possible about your competitive environment. From this, we glean areas of opportunity.

We also research the target audience, their demographic, preferences, attitudes and behaviours. With this information under wing, we distill it down and create a profile of a typical audience member. This person, albeit fictitious, is the person we influence.

After completing the preliminary research, we develop a proposal based on our understanding of the project. This includes detailed information about the goals, competitive position, audience, design direction, budget, schedule and legal issues.

Once we agree on the terms and direction of the proposal, w draft a project brief that reflect any modifications to the proposal.  At this point, we gather various assets. These include, logos, existing artwork, images and such.

Phase Two - Design

Design begins with putting pencil to paper and sketching out ideas. We typically rough out many small "thumbnails." From these, we edit down to the most appropriate solutions. Our team refines these preliminaries for presentation. The key is creating a group of designs, usually three, providing a strategic solution. Elements are chosen and placed for a reason, not simply for decoration. The research and project goals drive the design.

The preliminary designs may be presented in person or on our server. From the group, one design is selected for further development. For most projects, one set of revisions is included. A development site is created on the Katz server in a password-protected area. Here you will be able to see the development of the project, read status reports and design notes.

Phase Three - Deploy

During this last phase, final files are created, programming, if needed, is added and all elements are tested and proofread. In the case of a web site, we will test all files in several browsers and on various platforms and configurations. In the case of print projects, files are pre-flighted and collected for the printer or fabricator. One set of revisions is included in this phase.

Our goal, with any project - large or small - is to make the process as seamless and painless as possible for all our clients. We understand that for most, web development and print production are not your normal daily fare. We strive for clear communication without a lot of technical trade talk. We understand the potential anxiety that can come with the development of any project. Our process minimizes that anxiety by keeping the channels of communication open and fixing possible problems before they become big headaches.

Working together as a client-designer team, we will reach your goals, on time and on budget.