Creative Latitude

Katz-i International Web & Graphic Design logo submissions


This page spotlights the designs Katz-i International Web & Graphic Design submitted for the Creative Latitude logo contest.

Katz-i International Web & Graphic Design is a founding member of Creative Latitude - team comprised of Nigel Gordijk and Neil Tortorella.

Creative Latitude is a cooperative promotional venture founded by a diverse group of creatives from around the globe. The aim of the group is to spread the value of quality creative work.

Design Brief

Viability - Will it stand out in a visually cluttered environment?

Distinctiveness - Will it distinguish Creative Latitude from other organizations, provoking a certain level of curiosity?

Descriptiveness - does it succeed in describing Creative Latitude? Upbeat; fun; energetic; knowledgeable; professional; approachable.

Retention - Will the target market remember it?

Simplicity - Will the mark be an easy concept to grasp?

Design Solution

First logo - Based on the simple notion of Creative Latitudes being a group of professionals from around the world connected mainly via the internet, sharing information about each others businesses. The two people are placed inside boxes to simulate computer monitors, yet not confined in the box, one is talking into the others ear to give the impression of exchanging important news.

Second logo - With the throwing back of arms in delight, this design represents a hearty welcome all those "ah ha" moments. It conveys a sense of joy that, together, Creative Latitude is ready to tackle the world!

Third logo - In most cases, the best way to say something is straight out. What simpler way to show a linking site than links?

Two guys chatting Freedom Links