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Katz-i International Visual Communication Design

To the right you'll read comments several clients have shared about working with Katz-i on their projects.

Below is the range of clients and sponsors the Katz-i team (together or separate) have worked with over the years.

The British High Commission, British Foreign Office, Canadian High Commission, Australian High Commission, Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany, Philippines Embasssy, Mariam Abdul Aziz, The British Council, CfBT (Centre for British Teachers), IDP Australia, Alliance Francaise, Brunei Shell Petroleum, Panaga, TOTAL, HSBC, Association of Special Education, Brunei Music Society, Rudolf Portillo Photography, Oxford University, Panaga Music Society, members of the Brunei Royal family, Heart Zones UK, High Profile PR, the Royal Brunei Yacht Club, Hassanal Bolkiah Theatre, MVisions, RPJN Consulting, Specific Business Solutions, SunSuria MicroSystems, Royal Brunei Airlines, Design Council, UK in Asia, Jasra Harrisons Travel, Brunei Museum, Standard Chartered Bank, Processta Printing & Trading, Ministry of Education and Primary Resources Tourism Division and Ministry of Education.


Stuart Laing, British High Commissioner

I have known Katz-i International since shortly after my arrival in Brunei in late 1998. During that time I have seen a number of examples of their work, and have been highly impressed by their design capabilities, by their helpful and positive attitude to their work, and by the efficiency they have displayed in arranging to have the final product delivered up to standard and within required deadlines. Katz-i have done several design commissions both for the High Commission and for other organisations with which I have been associated (for example charitable events and organisations), and they have never failed to produce work attractive to the eye and appropriate to the requirements.

On several occasions they have very generously donated their time in aid of worthy causes. Both the High Commission and the expatriate community in Brunei have reason to record their appreciation to Katz-i for their work here.

Gene Christy, Chairman, Brunei Music Society, and Ambassador of the United States of America in Brunei Darussalam

The Brunei Music Society (BMS) has been using Katz-i International to design and produce its publicity materials since early 2000. This has involved the creation of around eight concert posters per year. The quality of their work is consistently of the very highest standard displaying their considerable technical skills in the field of computer graphic design. Their work shows both artistic and imaginative aptitude which has been highly appreciated by both the BMS and public alike.

More recently they have been developing a website for the Society which will be both informative and user-friendly. The BMS holding site has been created using the latest web technology with cascading style sheets. The site will be easy to edit by anyone with the ability to use a word processor and browser.

The public profile of the BMS and its activities has been much enhanced by Katz-i's work and this has been reflected in larger concert audiences and a general acknowledgement that the society is able to offer quality musical events.

Allaster Cox, Chairman Brunei Music Society and Australian High Commissioner

. . . Stylish, classy and always appropriate to the concert we are planning, Katz-i International's creations for the Music Society over recent years have impressed us with their flair and understanding of what will appeal to and attract our audiences. Katz-i has a great record of professionalism in their dealings with us. They give us rapid turn arounds and great results and know what we need and delivers it. I have every confidence in their future and wish them every success.

Benedick Harris, Director, The British Council

. . . Katz-i International is always a pleasure to work with, and takes a lot of the pressure of deciding how to go about launching a publicity campaign - whether for an education exhibition or a concert or anything else the British Council was working on - off me: for which I am eternally grateful. Their designs are always eye-catching and colourful.

John Perry, Managing Director, ELF Petroleum, Asia BV, Brunei Branch

Elf Petroleum Asia commissioned CfBT to prepare an Education Pack for schoolchildren in Brunei based on “The Brunei Shipwreck” Project.

As part of the CfBT team working on the Pack, the Katz-i International was responsible for the design work on the Pack itself, promotional posters and in particular a specially created book for schools including text, photographs and other artwork.

Throughout its involvement with “The Brunei Shipwreck” Project, Elf Petroleum Asia has insisted on work of the highest quality. The Katz-i Design's work on the Education Pack delighted us and exceeded our expectations. We are pleased to commend them for this work and for their helpful and innovative approach to it.

Barnaby Priest, Project Manager, CfBT

We had been working with our software providers for several months on the development of English language software for pre-tertiary non-native English language speakers. The methodology required a treatment with a wide range graphics showing students in a variety of settings - classrooms, cafes, corridors, lecture halls etc. The software house had a high turnover of graphics design staff and were unable to come up with a design that guaranteed a consistent high quality output.

Things had come to a stalemate and the clock was ticking (along with the $$$). We contacted Katz-i International who brought a breath of fresh air into the proceedings. Lots of quirky ideas which looked great - the final however, approach was quite a traditional one more fitting to a fairly traditional classroom setting that would be familiar to many of the target students. Katz-i Design's layouts and storyboards were really good and created a sense of movement through the materials even though they were static images.

Although the problem of staff turnover remained, the final quality of the images was vastly improved and helped to unify the diverse elements of the product. At all times throughout the design process Katz-i Designs were receptive to our inputs, worked closely with our staff and produced deliverables on time and to quality.

Rudolf Portillo, Photographer, Rudolf Portillo Photography

When I finally decided to show my work to an international audience, I realized having a website is the best way to go about it. I had no idea on how my site should look and Katz-i International did a fantastic job of showing precisely the impact of my images. Katz-i designed to reveal the power of the photograph, that it does indeed speaks a thousand words.

Collette Foster, Director IDP Education Australia (Brunei)

Katz-i International has, since day one, acted in a manner that makes us feel “we are in this together”... Katz-i thinks out of the box at all times and considers their vocation “art”, not work. They have been an asset in our staff brainstorming sessions, which has led to them tailoring successful marketing approaches for my business. They have provided us with innovative creative designs, which have improved the professionalism we are trying to project. Their designs have been a great asset, and played an instrumental role in the growth of our company.

We value their work so highly because they help us see the big picture in what we are trying to accomplish and then provides the assistance necessary to bring about this vision. The combination of their talents has helped my business profoundly. I feel so very fortunate to be associated with Katz-i Design.

I wish you the very best in you continued success! Thank you for your professionalism and it is a joy to work with you.

Marion Lamy, Directrice of Alliance Francaise de Brunei

I have known Katz-i International since shortly after my arrival in Brunei in 2003. After working closely with them on several cultural promotions such as the French Film Festival, music concerts and circus show, I have been highly impressed by their design capabilities, their helpful and positive attitude and their professionalism.

Their creative and artistic flair has been highly appreciated by both Alliance Francaise and the public. I wish them every success.

Michael Gibbs, ELT Project Manager, CfBT

I met Katz-i International when CfBT was looking for a designer to work on various projects associated with the State Visit of Queen Elizabeth II to Brunei Darussalam. They came by personal recommendation from the Director of British Council in Brunei, for whom Katz-i had carried out several design projects, including a full-colour poster and newspaper advertisement for an Essay Writing Competition run jointly by CfBT and the British Council.

Their first job for us was a huge colourful poster showcasing CfBT's activities in Brunei in the field of Education. The poster is really striking and is displayed permanently at a branch of the Brunei Museum as well as in CfBT's offices around the globe.

Since then, the Katz-i has designed several newspaper advertisements, posters and leaflets for CfBT. These include the cover design for an educational CD-ROM plus accompanying promotional materials.

In April 2000, Katz-i Design completed their biggest and most impressive project for us. Jointly with ELF Petroleum, CfBT produced an education pack for all schools in Brunei, related to the 500 year old shipwreck discovered by ELF off the coast of Brunei in 1997.

Katz-i Design completed the design work for a beautiful full-colour and richly illustrated book as well as the cover design for the packs and posters promoting the project and the related Art Competition. They put in hundreds of hours of work and met even the most challenging deadlines. They are a pleasure to work with and charming and flexible, as well as being highly creative. At the end of the Shipwreck Project they even hosted a dinner for all the ELF and CfBT people who had been involved.

Barnaby Priest, Project Manager, The Brunei Shipwreck Project, CfBT

I would like to thank Katz-i Design for all the work that they put into the Elf Shipwreck Project. Without their expertise the final product would certainly be less than it is. They have ensured that visually the pack and its contents has an impressive impact. John Perry (Managing Director, ELF Petroleum) has communicated how the pack has superceeded his original expectations and this is in no small measure due to the contributions from Katz-i. On my part it has been a great pleasure working with Katz-i. I have found the collaboration to be a fruitful and enriching one. The experience of working on a team that is co-ordinated and professional, on the production of a good piece of work, is a most satisfying one that is not always achieved.

BK Wong, Managing Director, MVision Cinemas

Katz-i Design's work first came to our attention with their work as Queen's designer for the State Visit of HRH Queen Elizabeth II and the designs they had created for the British Council, the Royal Brunei Yacht Club and CfBT. As a consequence, we promptly hired them to develop the identity design for MVision Cinemas. We were so pleased with the results and have continued this working relationship with all following promotions and design needs.

MVision has taken note that when work is given to Katz-i Designs, the design is so polished there is no need for us to put any effort into changes. This is an important issue at MVision Cinemas as we are extremely busy businessmen.

Katz-i Design has designed not only our identity package and promotional items, but has worked as a colour consultant for the refurbishment of one of the oldest commercial buildings in Brunei, the MVision Hassanal Bolkiah Theatre. Their designs inside and out have successfully changed the image of the theatre.

I enjoy working with Katz-i because they constantly come up with new and bright ideas. In addition, our company has learned a lot on improving our promotional and merchandising material, and because of this we are now more confident in the public eye.

Roger Ainsworth, General Manager, Megamas Training Company

The Megamas Training Company was awarded four major long term training contracts for the provision of HSE training by Brunei Shell Petroleum. These contracts required a significant investment in new facilities. On completion of these new facilities we rejuvenated and freshened up our marketing publications and stationeries. Katz-i International Web & Graphic Design was personally recommended to complete this task.

It was clear, from our first meeting, why Katz-i was recommended. Bold exciting colours and original ideas sparked our imagination, therefore we expected this would have the same effect on our customers. The deadlines we asked for seemed impossible but they were driven by His Majesty The Sultan of Brunei opening ceremony for our new facilities.

The professional service at a reasonable price with the near impossible deadlines was excellent.

We wish Katz-i Design many future successful projects and recommend their services to future interested clients.

Lorna Anderson, Director, High Profile PR

Katz-i International Design redesigned the corporate identity for business-to-business Reputation Management consultancy firm High Profile. After eight highly successful trading years we felt that it was time to update our corporate identity in line with our current services. Katz-i did a superb job of interpreting a multi-facted company, translating services from public relations and emergency response to management consultancy and business development training into a clear and dramatic graphic message. Not only are we delighted with our new image, our clients' feedback has been both spontaneous and positive.

Patrick A.W. Allman-Ward, Panaga Music Society, Brunei Shell

The Panaga Music Society commisioned Katz-i International Web & Graphic Design for a logo to commemorate the 2000 musical season and the start of the new millenium. Katz-i came up with a design which captured the spirit of the occasion with an appropriately eastern flavour. They then proved to be most ready and willing to modify and update as we continued to change our minds on the details. We are extremely happy with the final results and the speed with which the original design was sent to us for consideration.

Lorraine Brown, Operations Manager, Heart Zones UK

Katz-i International Design produced the best collateral material our company has ever had for our Spring series of Heart Zone Training Seminars in the UK. They used their talent and experience to produce something that conveyed the right image, the right amount of information, and was eyecatching and interesting. Thoughtout the design process Katz-i was artful in understanding and translating the needs of our company into the piece, all the while being professional and a joy to work with. When you see the finished product you are stunned by the combined artistic ability, design awareness and technical capabilities - we have no doubts about recommending that you work with Katz-i for your company image and graphic design requirements.