About us

Katz-i International Visual Communication Design


Katz-i International evolved from creating a package design for Halal Toothpaste (shown at right), to a company with a global reach.

The Team

The Katz-i International team worked mainly out SE Asia, with other key members in Australia, the US and the UK. Through the Internet, we were never too far from clients.

Good deeds and Katz-i

Katz-i International sponsored the Brunei Music Society from early 2000 to 2005. Other pro bono projects included the British High Commission, the Association of Special Education, the BLT (British Ladies Together), Rudolf Portollio Photography, the NO!SPEC campaign and Creative Latitude.

In retirement, Creative Latitude and NO!SPEC will carry on.

Clients comments

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Katz-i International Connections.

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